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About the Coal Health Study

The original version, the Scottish Climate Camp Edition, of the Coal Health Study is a project that started during the Scottish Camp for Climate Action, at Mainshill Solidarity Camp, 3-10 Aug 2009.

A second edition, the Douglasdale Community Edition, is being prepared for use by local residents in their campaign against further ill-health effects associated with the extensive open-cast mining in the area.

Credits for the Scottish Climate Camp Edition of the Coal Health Study:

  • Kirstie Stramler, Ph.D. — Data Analysis
  • Nicholas Roberts — Program Management
  • Ross Corbutt — Production Assistance
  • Indymedia — Workspace, Free Intellectual Reign
  • Climate Camp — Venue, Solar Power, Mobile Broadband

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  1. garry said,

    This is amazing, respect for all the hard work you have all put into this. I am very impressed.


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